Sunday, 8 November 2015

How are building categorized against earthquake?

Last week's earthquake, which had its epikush region of Afghanistan, rattled almost all of builders claiming the most structures in the capital are safe, the alarming fact is that 100% of the buildings in Delhi NCR, are all category-D earthquake resistant or in many cases even lower than category-D, As defined by the national disaster management authority or NDMA.
The Supreme Court has asked the government to do the following, but till date its orders have not been complied with:-

1) NDMA undertaken a public awareness campaign on a national basis through print and electronic media to educate the people about the four category of earthquake resistant building and the detailed definition of each

2) The public awareness campaign be undertaken immediately and continuously so as to sensitizes the public, thereby saving lives in the eventuality of the earthquake

3) all public building, including commercial and office building, housing more than 100 person, both new and old, should have an engraved metal plate of size not less than one feet by two feet,

  4) all most multistory buildings, more than five storey’s high, both new and old, should have an engraved metal plate of size not less than one feet by building is earthquake resistant-immediate occupancy or earthquake resistant- life safety or earthquake resistant collapse prevention or earthquake resistant- unknown.

In Noida and Greater Noida Many commercial and residential projects running current time. SupertechCapetown Noida is one of the most desirable residential projects in central Noida. Also one another projects North Eye tower developing by Supertech group in same destination which is the highest residential tower in north India. So developers need to know about the earthquakes resistant construction should be apply in projects.


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